That are going to be your moments in Cape Verde...

Welcome to CapeVerdeTours

Our mission is to connect your with the true culture of Cape Verdian people.

Details and genuity are all that matter to pass through the tradition and history and make you get an idea of Cape Verde as an unforgettable place …

Welcome to CapeVerdeTours

We strive to leave our world a better place than we found it through our care of the land, wildlife and people, and the delivery of extraordinary guest experiences in Cape Verde.

Our guests experience during their travel with us warm local hospitality, finest guides, expert travel planners and signature blend of natural luxury accommodation.

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Why travel with us?

Because you want to get the first hand moment and the raw spirit of the beautiful and smiling Cape Verdian people.
With the help of our local guide this will be an easy link to adventure....

Good vibration

Cape Verdians use yoga in their day to day live though without definition. Their simplicity and good vibration will easily cheer up your day!

Local Cape Verdian

We’re the CV expert.
We promise 100% local guides to offer you an authentic moment. 


Every culture has something to teach us.
CV doesn’t stay behind. So come, you will learn about our history, dishes, fish, fruits, artists and all the beauty CV has to offer!


Nature is everything and everything is nature. Local, natural vibes and eco friendly itineraries are our main focus:
less transportation,
local homestays, sustainable tourisme
 and organic and local products.

''Santo Antao is a beautiful island and there is no better way to discover it then with Cape Verde Tours. A friendly guide with a lot of knowledge takes you on an adventure you will never forget!''

''Great hike with Cape Verde Tours. The guide really listens and doesn't hesitate to adjust to what we want to do. We visited some extraordinary places end tasted the traditional dishes! We emerged ourselves in the culture and vibe of Santo Antao during this hike with Cape Verde Tours. Thanks again for this experience to reconnect with nature!''

''We had a great full day island tour with Cape Verde Tours! The guide showed us the beauty of Santo Antao Island and was able to tell us all about its history! Great day!''