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About Cape Verde Tours

We stay true to our core values. We create value for the archipel, provide optimal support and most importantly provide our guests stunning views, high quality accomodation and a program that provides an authentic and a truly unique experience.

At the end of the day, when you travel with Cape Verde Tours, you travel with a high quality, ecofriendly touroperator. As an authentic locally-owned business we put our guests at the center of everything we do.

Capeverdetours, an ecological agency and authentic locally owned business which have been specialised in making tour programs on the Cape verdean islands, located in Santo Antao. We offer private and group tours, tailored packages specialised in Santo Antao and Sao Vicente and serving in all the other islands as well.

We create value for the archipel by working with local families, guides and drivers that helps them to be resilient in order to preserve the culture and history for generations to come. We work with businesses that use local products and the programs are made in a way that requires less transportation and thus minimising the emission of carbon. 

Most importantly, we provide our guests with programs that enable them to have stunning moments, good quality accommodation and a holiday in Cape Verde to talk about. 

At the end of the day, what matters is your wellbeing so our service is centred to provide you the best of what you are looking for in a holiday: easy and smooth. 

Natcha Delgado Ferreira


I am Hernany Patricio Delgado Ferreira (Natcha), born and grew up in Ponta do Sol and Coculi, a fishing and farming village of Santo Antao island. 

During my childhood I acquired different life skills doing farming and fishing with my family and was always motivated by my mother to keep up with my studies. 

I did my primary school in Figueral and high school in Coculi and after that I started doing tour guiding until I got a scholarship with the Indian government to pursue my university studies. 

As I finished university I came back and my love for the beautiful landscape couldn’t let me stay at home, so I found a way to combine my passion with work so I can share the culture and history to the people interested in knowing more about Cape Verde.

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