Best of Santo Antão in a Day

For you with limited time that wants to experience this adventurously diverse country, we have included a day tour itinerary that introduces you to some of our best spots. Given the short timeframe and the long list of adventurous places, you can get a little bit of Santo Antão with a lot of Grogue “Local hum” and varied beautiful nature to contemplate.

Looking for an awesome and safe place for your holiday? 
Santo Antão has the nature and the adventurous culture that will enhance your life. It's an open door museum island  where you can see all the artefacts through the sculptured mountain with agricultural terraces, traditional houses and trails that connects the whole island from beneath to the top cliff of the mountains.

Your day will start at the harbour where the guide and driver will welcome you , than drive you to Ato Mira.
On the way you will be passing varying nature, driving through acacia trees, desert filled with 
puzzolana (dust from the volcano that can be used to produce cement for constructions).
Passing by tiny
villages, which you can picture with the stops that you take to contemplate.
Driving miles away from Porto Novo main town you will pass through Ribeira das Patas, located around 600 meters above sea level in the interior, looks just like an oasis filled with mango trees, lemon trees and little of sugar plantation.
In Ribeira das Patas you will find an association of women that makes cured traditional cheese and 
have a restaurant called Babilonia, where you can have lunch and experience their art for gastronomy.

Alto Mira is a farming village enclosed by mountains facing and a dry river that connects with the Atlantic sea.
A place where you see 
donkeys, mules, animals that make the life of many people easier through their strength that helps them carry their crops home, as many people live off road.
Drive back and stop at Ribeira das Patas for lunch, after head to the harbour or your accommodation.