6-day hiking tours Santo Antao

Day 1- Janela / Pico da Cruz

Anything better than hiking up the mountain embracing the breeze coming from the Atlantic  Ocean, balancing your physical and mental well-being. 
You always hike up facing agricultural fields and having the back view of the ocean.
At the top you stay in the midst of a forest in a family pension, where you taste your tea, coffee as preferred. There you have a 360° magical view where you love to gaze over the island.

Distance: 7.80km
Elevation Gain: 1628m
Elevation Loss: 129m
Duration time: 5:00 minutes 

Picnic or lunch at a local family is arranged 
Overnight at Pico da Cruz 

Day 2: Pico da Cruz /Cova/ Paul

Love to start your day wonderfully in the nature, with birds singing , you definitely doing this hike in the midst of forest of pines leading you to Cova crater.
After you hike 200 meters up to have a view to the greenest valley, as you go down smells of roasted  local coffee fragrance in the air raising your appetite to taste.
Your moments in Paul are in the midst of plantations of different crops like, sugar cane, banana trees, Araça fruit, and others.

Distance: 9.5km
Elevation Gain: 198m
Elevation Loss: 1314m
Duration time: 4:15minutes

Picnic or lunch at a local family is arranged 
Overnight in Paul 

Day 3: Sinagoga – Pinhão

You have the opportunity to appreciate the breathtaking  beautiful view, with sculptured mountains  of terraces and varied plantations of coffee beans, apple trees,potato,peas, … all organic. 
You get to taste the local coffee of volcanic origen, with unique flavour at local familie house.
Nothing better than a hike up the  mountain with the view of agricultural fields, by the music of nature and the view of the blue  Atlantic Ocean.

Distance: 7.92 km 
Elevation Gain: 315m
Elevation Loss: 829m
Duration: 3:35 minutes 

Picnic or lunch at a local family is arranged 
Overnight in Pinhão

Day 4: Ponta do sol – Cruzinha

Lovers of the sea view will like this scenic trail that gives you the opportunity to walk on path of singular colonial architecture, made at the edges of the mountain. 
You can often see the yellow turtles, sea birds and other species, like wales and dolphins.
A trail of a lot of zigzags, and  sandy dunes  leading you through, Fontainhas, a village surrounded by agricultural fields and awesome view, with its small beach facing the Atlantic Ocean is, considered by National Geographic, the village with one of the most beautiful views in the world. 
Taking you to the fishing village of Cruzinha where turtles come to nest their eggs from the month of June to August, and a place where you enjoy your fresh fish with the awesome sunset.

Distance: 17.5 km
Elevation Gain: 562m
Elevation Loss: 584m
Duration: 6:19 minutes 

Picnic or lunch at a local family is arranged 
Overnight in Cha de Igreja 

Day 5: Cruzinha – Caibros

A mountains trail that provides awesome views from above making it’s way through  isolated village.
At the highest point of this path you will be able to see Ribeira grande in its fullest, and as you hike down you meet with the local residents on the farming fields planting various crops, like sugar cane, banana, papaya, all organic products that will help you refresh.

Distance: 10.54km
Elevation Gain: 1001m
Elevation Loss: 729m
Duration time: 4:15minutes

Picnic or lunch at a local family is arranged 
Overnight in Caibros

Day 6: Caibros – João Afonso

You have the morning that you like by the songs of birds, beautiful landscape and a peaceful surrounding.Than you hike through the valley of various agricultural crops, leading you  to top cliff of the mountain where the view is always the best.
The path has tiny villages with beautiful history and way of life that leaves you impressed by each, sure you can get to taste the local rum “Grogue” the traditional passion of Cape Verde.

Distance: 6.67km
Elevation Gain: 520m
Elevation Loss: 570m
Duration time: 3:33minutes

Picnic or lunch at a local family is arranged 
Departure to Mindelo in afternoon Ferry