Day 1: Pinhão/Sinagoga

You have the opportunity to appreciate the breathtaking  beautiful view, with sculptured mountains  of terraces and varied plantations of coffee beans, apple trees,potato,peas, … all organic.
You get to taste the local coffee of volcanic origen, with unique flavour at local familie house.
Nothing better than a hike on the  mountain with the view of agricultural fields, by the music of nature and the view of the blue  Atlantic Ocean.
Overnight in Povuação

Distance: 7.92 km
Elevation Gain:315
Elevation Loss: 829
Duration: 3:35 minutes

Day 2: Cruzinhas – Ponta do Sol

Lovers of the sea view like you, a unique trail that give you the opportunity to walk on path of singular colonial architecture, made at the edges of the mountain.
You can often see the yellow turtles, sea birds and other species, like wales and dolphins.
A trail of sandy dunes and a lot of zigzags, leads you to meet with beautiful, humble people,  living at the coast on the ways to Fontainhas.
Fontainhas, a village surrounded by agricultural fields and awesome view, with it’s small beach facing the Atlantic Ocean is, according to National Geographic, the village with one of the most beautiful views in the world.
Overnight in P.sol

Distance: 15.12 km
Elevation Gain: 562
Elevation Loss: 584
Duration: 6:19 minutes

Day 3: Figueiral de Paul- Pico Antonio -Cabo de Ribeira

The greenest valley of beautiful landscape and a green nature filled with tropical fruits,  is of no comparison to the other islands.
Hiking your way up the valley in between agricultural plantations, you experience a combination of different moments while hearing the stories of farmers who work the land.
They plant only organic crops with unequal taste enriched by the volcanic soil. After tasting some seasonal tropical fruits, you meet  people harvesting and roasting coffee to create your own custom blend to take home,  before celebrating an aromatic espresso by the songs of nature while admiring the panoramic view of Paul valley.
Can your coffee taste any better ?

Overnight in Paul

Distance: 6.85 km
Elevation Gain: 360
Elevation Loss: 772
Duration: 4:30 minutes

Day 4: Cabo de Ribeira – Cova Crater

An ascendent hike that before the construction of the roads were the paths that farmers did to get to Porto Novo from Paul with their horses, donkeys, mules or by foot.
A view from above is always the best, hike to the peak of Cova and glance at Paul at a different angle. Than keep on to touch the soil of the volcano Crater surrounded by endemic plants and a beautiful forest.

Departure with the afternoon Ferry

Distance: 7.5km
Elevation Gain:1315 meters
Elevation Loss: 307
Duration: 5:00  minutes