3 days hiking tour in Santo Antão

Day 1: Cova – Paul valley

A hike that begins at a volcano crater surrounded by a beautiful forest and endemic species of plants, and leads you to one of the greenest valleys of Cape Verde. Paul is just 7% of the islands area, a municipality in the east part of the island with the most water flow of Cape Verde. While hiking down Paul you cross fields with mango trees, sugar cane, coffee, orange, guava, papaya, natural and organic tropical fruits that will refresh your hike. Fragrances of the roasting coffee in the air on the way is a sure call to taste the aromatic coffee from volcanic soil.

Distance:11.20 km
Elevation Gain: 203 m
Elevation Loss: 1324 m
Duration time: 5: 34 minutes

Picnic or lunch at a family
Overnight in Paul

Day 2:  – Cruzinhas – Ponta do Sol

Start your hike from Cruzinha, a small fishing village with sandy dunes and mixed sandy beaches where there is an association that have excel to save and rescues turtles that come to nest every year from the month of June. Hiking through tiny villages and trails made at the edge of the mountain with awesome zig zags provide constant sea view where there’s always a chance to spot turtles floating on the sea, guiding you to Fontainha and Ponta do sol.

Fontainhas is a little village enclosed by mountains of agricultural fields and colourful houses built at the edge of a mountain facing the sea with a small sandy beach facing the Atlantic Ocean. Ponta do sol, the little town that sings day and night the natural music of the Atlantic Ocean. Nestle beneath high mountains on a small portion of flat land with colourful houses, an outdated airport, and an active fishing harbour where you can take in the daily livelihood of these native friendly people.

Distance:16 km
Elevation Gain: 562m
Elevation Loss: 584m
Duration time: 6-7 hours

Picnic or lunch at a family
Overnight in Ponta do sol

Day 3: Cha de Pedras – Coculi 

This hike will leave you stunned with it’s incredible nature, beautiful views and the welcoming farmers that are happy to spare time to have a chat with tourists. You will be crossing agricultural fields, with mostly sugar cane, banana, mangoes and the quiet and peaceful surroundings.

Distance: 6.56 km
Elevation Gain: 303m
Elevation Loss: 512m
Duration time: 2:47 minutes

Lunch at a local family
Departure to Mindelo by afternoon ferry .