Santo Antao

This island is magic, it breathes peace and has a silent beautiful nature. One of the most beautiful and impressive islands of Cape Verde.

Discover mountains formed by volcanos that made different valleys, natural ocean pools, and unique black sand beaches. Sculptured by agricultural terraces from lowest point to the top cliffs of various mountains.

Meet local friendly people who have lived in villages at approximately 1200 meters above sea level, with their livelihood based completely on their connection with nature.

Be surrounded by awesome cascading views. The perfect destination for adventurous hikers, as there are trails built to connect small villages, agricultural fields and the main towns. A great number of the trails were formed when the only mode of transportation was by mule, donkey, or horse.

Santo Antao is the second largest island and one of the greenest in Cape Verde. Some island highlights are: the sleeping volcano “Top de Caroa” in the south with an arid and dry type of climate and the volcano crater “Cova crater” in the north with humid and fresh climate which is a hydrographic basin with forest in the surrounding region and a good number of endemic plants sustains the greenest valley, Paul and Ribeira da torre, with water flow year around.

The habitants cultivate various kinds of organic crops like, banana, bread fruits, avocado, papaya, mango, almonds, corn, beans, and potatoes,and sugar cane which they make the local rum,Grogue. Visiting the distillery is fundamental for those that value the process, and sure have a taste of the Grogue from the source.

Come to Santo Antão and flavour your life with good moments and adventure.

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"We had the most amazing day in Santo Antao with CapeVerdeTours! The scenery was amazing, Nacha was superfriendly with a lot of knowledge. He told us all about the island and we had an amazing lunch. Highly recommend it!"

Chad, Canada